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Welcome to The Vintage Home Studio! - The Vintage Home Studio

Welcome to The Vintage Home Studio!

Welcome to The Vintage Home Studio website that will encompass all things we love!!! From our great, loved-by-everyone, Crochet Kitchen Towels for Retail or Wholesale purchases, to new items that will be rolling out in the near future with the same “Modern twist on Vintage” look you have all come to love for both the kitchen and bathroom. Unique pillow covers will also be back by popular demand. We are also excited to announce blog posts that will feature home decor, DIY activities, recipes, fashion, makeup and all the latest sales in these categories.
We are excited you are here and would love for you follow along. Sign up and be in ‘the know’ with exclusive knowledge before it is rolled out to the public. Those who sign up will get a special discount, our way of saying thanks, for getting on board from the beginning!

Looking forward to this great journey ahead where we can all find inspiration, support and ideas; from each other to each other with love and of course, doing our best to make each day count!!!


Love your towels!!!

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