Simply Cotton Crochet Trim Tea Towel

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Made by hand, simply cotton tea towels with crochet trim.

Designed to dazzle and made by hand to be used! 

The simply cotton crochet trim tea towel is our newest design here at The Vintage Home Studio! Even with it's simple design, this tea towel makes a statement. Each towel has been tea stained to have a more neutral tone. The crochet trim is the star of the show! Grab one of these to hang on your oven, grab a few to use as "lapkins" (shoutout to Tina @to_mimishousewego for coining the term; a napkin that covers your lap!) or give as a gift!

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  • Measures 26"x20.5"
  • Tea stained
  • 100% cotton towel
  • 100% recycled cotton yarn trim 
  • Hand crocheted trim
  • Hanging loop 
  • Suggested care instructions: machine wash, gentle cycle cold. Lay flat or hang to dry. Towel and trim can be ironed. 

Please allow 10-14 business days for your order to be shipped, as each item is made by hand as it is ordered.