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Easter 2021

NEW Spring and Easter from The Vintage Home Studio

CROCHET KITCHEN BAR MOP TOWELS: These crochet kitchen bar mop towels are The Vintage Home Studio's first and best selling product! Michelle crochets each one by hand with love. But if you find one you love - grab it while you can. Each style is made in limited quantities and once it's gone, it's gone. These bar mop towels are perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom; remember they are fun, functional, washable and meant to be used. Our customers also like to buy them in sets and use them as "lapkins" - a napkin that covers your lap!

Items are made-to-order & will ship 10-14 business days from time of order.

SPRING will be here quicker than we think! Grab some great Spring decor items for yourself or for a sweet gift. 


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Pink Plaid Crochet Kitchen Bar Mop Towel - The Vintage Home Studio